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CREATE - Learning Centers & Care Homes in Rural Africa

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

It has long been my dream to open Learning Centers and Care Homes with a difference that teach children and adults practical skills through Food Forestry; Creative Techniques and Community Projects that empower rural communities to live abundant and independent lives, without reliance on outside funding or governance.

It has been many years conceptualizing these Learning Centers in my mind and heart, now we are putting this project into action. I have always been involved in early years education alongside music, gathering over 20 years of alternative teaching and teacher training experience in the UK, South Africa and now Zimbabwe. Working with some amazing people and organizations such as Makebelieve Arts & The Big Foot Theatre Company in the UK and Elemental Kids in South Africa.

For me, the best childhood is one in the African bush, surrounded by the rhythms of nature and living the very real responsibilities of wild animals. If skill based learning was strong in rural Africa, many families would not have to send their kids off to schools that are miles away. Or be forced to live the programed perspective that to move to Towns and Cities and become dependent and enslaved to monthly payments is somehow more civilized than living off grid, rural lives. These Learning Centers will not only provide quality skill based learning but also will provide the community, employment, quality food abundance and wealth creation through the Center for all the community involved.

CREATE is an initiative we are forming into a reality that opens Learning Centers and Care Homes across Matabele Land, Zimbabwe to begin with and then to the rest of rural areas of Africa, possibly the world. CREATE will form a team of experienced authorities on Food Forestry; Natural Building; Water & Waste Management; Primary & High level Curriculum writers; Teacher Trainers in alternative but very effective learning techniques; Health & Wellness and Project Managers to complete all necessary steps to see the model designed and then implemented.

This project is in the very beginning stages and is so far self funded from our music downloads which is why our recorded music is not on streaming sites so we can generate value to fund the progression of CREATE and a food forest nursery. We have broken the project into stages and once wealth creation is achieved, we will action each stage and record the story as we go. Take a look and if you would like to be involved or help to raise funds, get in touch. HUGE THANKS to all the people who pledge extra to our music downloads, it is currently YOU that is making this project become a reality and we are beyond grateful.

Check out the Stage 1 Proposal for more information & we will keep you posted with the journey.....

CREATE - Rural Learning Centers - Website Version
Download PDF • 590KB

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