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Fly, Fly - Mazula Release 1st Single! Off their long-awaited album, 'About Bloody Time'.

SHORT STORY: It has been long awaited in our creative lives, but we have finally recorded a full band studio album of our original writings, that will be for sale later this year. For now, we have our single: Fly, Fly currently being released as a gift to the world. May it bring a smile to your face and help you Fly, Fly through your day. We have no set band, style or destination and this song was written in Cape Town, South Africa. We love the inspiration from the land and souls that came through. So let go of your worries and learn to Fly, Fly. ENJOY and please spread to as many people as you can, even the plants in your garden.


Vusa and Zoë met in London, both front vocalists in separate bands and both disillusioned at the all-pervasive industry control over of the UK music scene. Cold weather never suited us, so we emigrated to Cape Town to open a live music venue in the heart of the Mother City, called Zula. Many memories were made and after 10 years of creating a live music hub that opened 7 nights a week, we lost it all, to a corrupt landlord. Same old story, should have seen it coming after the experience of our previous shady landlords, it was an almighty business lesson. We carried on regardless, dealing with the HUGE material loss, no income and injustice of it all because we started to sing and write music together and the joy of that interaction kept us eating, restoring and finding the living we truly loved and that was making music together. It took us 18 years to figure it out, but here we are, doing what we love and singing the songs that are medicine to us.

Not wanting to be handled by the music industry, we fund all our projects ourselves and recording in the studio with a full band does not come cheap, but we were also terrible at it. For some reason when you hit that record button and split up all the musicians, we both acted like we have never played guitar or sang under the perfect expectation and most of our past studio experiences we were not happy with the outcome. So, we shelved it, focusing on our live shows, mainly writing songs and enjoying live stage collaborations.

Till we were introduced to Willem Moller in Cape Twon by Derek Craig a percussionist we play with there. Willem started his musical life as a drummer then went onto piano and ended up on lead guitar on both Rodregez's - SA, Sugarman Tours. He is now also doing music production in his studio. He played with us at Cafe Roux in Noordhoek, we all got on very well, he enjoyed our tunes and offered to put us in the studio for a live band recording session. We did 2 days in Willem's studio and pure magic was experienced. In the most down-to earth and friendly atmosphere, Willem didn't drop a beat with his production skills, and he recorded eight awesome musicians at once to produce our first album, About Bloody Time, recording like they used to, all making one sound in a perfect take, or you do it all again!

We have decided to release the first 3 singles as a gift to the world, many people just don't even know who we are, then our album release will be for sale later this year with proceeds going to keeping us producing more material and independent but also to help, Healing with Horses in Bulawayo, which is a registered charity that do amazing work in the community for abled and disabled adults & children but also the care and rehabilitation of over 35 horses. Both Vusa and I work with healing horses doing Accupressure, kinesiology, Reiki and fascia tension release on the horses that need it weekly, so we know exactly where the money goes, and it is a cause very close to our hearts. Healing With Horses Zimbabwe

Huge thanks to all the musicians on the tracks, you are not only awesome musicians, but fantastic people and it was a pleasure creating with you all: Derek Craig - Percussion; Willem Moller - Lead guitar & production; Gary King - Keys; Mike Soltau - Drums; Roger Bashew - Bass; Kathleen Eggers - Violin.

For the month of March, you can get our song through our website by providing your email, or we have sent you the track directly because we already have your contact and you have followed our story, or you can wait till it's on streaming sights in MP3 version in April.

Our biggest thanks are to those of you who have pledged value to our song regardless of it being free, it not only makes us feel amazing, but you directly keep us creating in 100% creative freedom and spreading our passion projects in Food Forestry; Holistic Equine Medicine; and Creative Education Empowerment Techniques. More power and love to you and the value you put to our music. ENJOY x

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