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Food In Your Own Forest!

Our arrival into Zimbabwe was precipitated by events that were completely out of our control and threw the whole world into a crazy spin. Namely the Convid thingy. We had a full tour of South Africa planned and would have ended up in Zim anyway but not as quickly as it turned out. As it happens, the border literally shut behind us as we entered the country as among the last to do so before the whole lockdown (a prison term funnily enough, go and figure that one out) took on the crazy trajectory that it did. Anyway, in the drop of a dodgy Zim bond note, music was considered to be too much of a danger to the world, so like my other things including but notwithstanding visiting your dying Gran or Grandpa, going to get groceries or even going to the beach, it was cancelled. In such circumstances, you really see the creativity of the human spirit as people were forced to doing things that they had never dreamed of just to get by. I had friends who had spent years working in the Theatre now getting jobs at the Royal mail and other such stuff. Well, the reason we were heading back to Zim in the 1st place is because my father had just passed and I had to get back to sort out the estate. Part of the estate is a house in Douglasdale in Bulawayo which fortunately comes with a good patch of land. That land has provided the opportunity to engage in a practice that I had never been engaged in before. Farming/gardening and it is fantastic. In fact, my whole way of thinking about food has changed and is very much influenced by this new found passion.

So, let’s talk farming/Gardening. The wonders and benefits of being able to produce your own food cannot be overlooked. Not only does the food tend to taste much better than shop bought produce, but there is also the obvious added advantage that you know exactly how your food has been cared for, what methods you have used to grow your food and the knowledge that as an organic producer of food, you have not had a negative impact on your natural surroundings. In fact, on the contrary, with the methodology that I have started to embrace, you work 100% in lieu with the nature spirits and mother earth. I have not even begun to talk about the obvious health benefits that eating chemical free food bring.

The method I have started to use is Food Forestry and the space needed to nurture and effective and productive garden does not have to be very big at all. I have literally just started and been inspired by the likes of Geoff Lawton and Rob Hart. I will try and post as often as I can with updates as to how it’s all going and if anyone has any suggestions or tips, please let me know. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Peace to the Mother Land and what not,


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