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What a way to see in Spring with a Gathering...

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

It is always hard to organize events when they are in a city you don't live or go to much but this event was a pleasure to pull together, mainly due to Gus & Amanda letting us use their lovely space at Miombo Park in the mountains at Christon Bank but also due to the amazing musicians of Zimababwe, every time we deal with acts here, it is an absolute pleasure. We used Simba from Prosoundman who pulled in a great rig and performed great sound for the event. The Travellers Band blew us away with their slick performance of African vocals with a tight well rehearsed band behind them, truly a great act to watch. Then Fiddelicious took to the stage with their mix of Irish and Folk cover tunes and they remained on stage to collaborate with our Mazula originals with Pash on Sax and Basil on Bass. All I can say is with no rehearsals and pure improvised music, we sounded awesome together and it was an absolute pleasure to see in the Spring with you guys adding your magic to our music. We have planted seeds for more events in the future so watch this space but you will be able to see our full band at the Miombo Magic Festival in May 2023.

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