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Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Written by Vusa & Zoë Mazula while touring London in 2019. After seeing the skies in the UK and being in a mate's studio a song formed called Dear Diary. About waking up to all the wrongs but who do you go to about it?

Live desk recording from our Farmhouse Rocks 2018 gig, with top local musicians: Giovanni Serci (Drums) - Roger Bashew (Bass) - Vusa Mazula (Guitar & Vocals) - Hezron Chetty (Violin) - Derek Craig (Percussion) - Zoe Mazula (Vocals).

All our live recordings are for free downloads or contributions that are very appreciated and go directly to sustaining our music & projects.  Our recorded material is only for sale and always linked to good causes we experience along the way, places where we know the money is going to the right places to make huge difference. We are the people, we are the power and thanks for your contributions to what we do. 

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