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Fly, Fly

Fly, Fly

For us it has been long awaited but for some reason, these songs wanted to be recorded in Cape Town where they were written. Glad we waited as the collaboration was not only with top class musicians, all writing their own parts but true long-term friendships. Willem Moller recorded and produced the full album, capturing 8 musicians in perfect unison at once, which is our favourite way to record. We have Gary King on keys; Mike Soltau on drums; Roger Bashew on Bass; Derek Craig on percussion; Kathleen Eggers on violin; Willem Moller on lead guitar & production; with the song composers, Vusa Mazula on acoustic guitar and vocals and Zoe Mazula on vocals.


Fly, Fly is an upbeat track that was inspired by our time in South Africa and never fails to make me smile. May sunshine spread into your day, every time you listen to it.


We will be releasing 3 singles from the album out to the world, with our full album for sale later this year. 

ENJOY and thank you for helping us spread the love by spreading the music. 

To book our full band live show, contact us directly:

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